Monday, November 3, 2014


What a week in Alto 1! It´s always like that here, we are doing so well and seeing so many miracles. The days pass so fast, I can´t believe we are in the last week of the transfer already. We have three investigators with a baptismal date, and they are all so ready, it´s definitely a blessing from the Lord, because we aren´t doing much besides visiting with them. They edify us each time we visit, because they have such powerful testimonies. It´s been a privilege to be here and work with these people so far. I am definitely being spoiled by the good Lord.
Sabrina is our little angel, literally prepared by the hands of God, floating on a cloud to her baptismal date in two weeks. I can´t even explain her. Her fiancee is a less active, but now active, and they are getting married on the 22nd of the month, then she is getting baptized on the 25th. They have the cuuutest 4 year old named Ali, and wow, I want to be as cute as them when i have a family. All I can say is that everytime we "teach" them, I learn something new. so... if that doesn´t explain it, I don´t know what will. haha
And Ian... he is 11 and the funniest little squirt I have ever met. He reminds me so much of my dweeb brothers, so it´s a blessing to work with him too. He is Alans little brother, and he is hyped on baptism. So smart. The first time we met him, he started rattling off Lesson 3- the gospel of jesus christ. Then, we told him to read 3 Nephi 11, and he has already read it.. hollllaaaaa! such a champ. He has a date for the 1 of November (: 
And our last little lady of the hour, Joana. She is the mom of an active 7 year old. She is also super prepared. When we asked her to be baptized on the 8th of November she said, "Wow, that is fast. I wanted to be baptized with  my daughter...... but, if I don´t do it, I will regret it." WHO SAYS THAT? wahhoooo! She is 24, and has two freaking cuuute daughters and is just a prime lady. if you could keep these three champs in your prayers, it would mean the world to me! (: 
Hermana Hendry is great. I am SO grateful to have her a companion. She is very smart and so in tune with the spirit. I have learned so much from her, and I wish that she could stay here in Bariloche with me until she finishes her mission next transfer. I hope to be as inspired as she is. It is something that I will work on throughout my mission. She is definitely a disciple of Christ, and knows it. We have had so many good experiences together. I am so blessed to be here in Bariloche working with her. This is probably our last week together, and after that, she only has one more transfer left. So, prepare to meet her, family! she said she wants to come by and visit you all (: 
Thank you for your prayers and love, it means the world to me. The mission is the best thing I have ever done, and I hope that the time slows down a bit, because I am going crazy! it´s going by too fast. 

hermana Terry

sorry folks, i don´t have many pictures this week... 
i made cinnamon rolls last week, yuummm. haha

aand, its not even like there is a lot of dirt here... hahaha

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