Monday, October 6, 2014

What a blessing......

This week was great, as is every other week. But, it was even better because we had General Conference this weekend! What a blessing it is to listen to the prophets and leaders of the church. I was truly edified by so many things in the conference. oh my gosh. it was alll sooo good, but the saturday sessions were just dropping cane. Every one was like, so intense and straight forward. it was crazy. and they did something new, that people spoke in their native tongues.. cantonese, spanish, and portuguese! it was way cool. Okay, so the talkson Sat by: Lynn G Robbins, D Todd Christofferson, Niel L Anderson, Tad R Callister, Jörg Klebingat, and Jeffrey R Holland.. then on Sunday by: James J Hamula, of Course President Monson, Richard G Scott, CArlos A Godoy, and of course David A Bednar... those were like, the super amazing ones for me. But i have notes for literally every single talk. it was the best conference i have ever heard! 
we have some good news here in Alto 1. We have another investigator with a baptism date and he is re capo! He is 11 years old, and he is so smart. We think that he will be a great example to his less active family, and is ready to make a covenant with God through baptism. He is really excited, and he said he has been waiting for this day. haha he is so awesome. We are seeing so many miracles here in Alto 1, and people keep asking what we are doing. Honestly, it is just a lot of member support, which we are so grateful for. We have also been trying to be the most obedient that we can be, and speak with everyone in the streets. It has been pretty effective, so we are seeing some fruits right now. I feel SO blessed that Heavenly Father has given me the opportunity to be here in this time to work with so many amazing families and members of the church. It's definitely not in our hands, we are just trying to do our best to follow Jesus and be obedient while sharing the good word of God! (: Everything is great here! 
i think i will have one more transfer here, and then i will be moved. so i am doing everything i can to enjoy my time here. mostly we are preparing two people for baptism!! and working with another woman to prepare her for baptism too. we have 3-4 ish progressing investigators right now, but we are also seeing tons of miracles here in alto 1. i can´t complain, we are so blessed, and the lords hand is definitely in this work! we have a wedding for the 22 of october and her baptism on the 25th, then another on the 1st of november and then hopefully another on the 8th of november.. the work rolls on!

if you didn´t watch conference... i demand it of you! haha it´s not just a challenge this week!!! it was too amazing to miss. love you all tons and thank you so much for the support!
if you want to know some cool places i have been, look up: campanario, llao llao hotel, la cascada de los duendes... and today we are off to cerro catedral! bariloche argentina is beautiful (:(:(:(:
Hermana Terry

The Lombard Street of Bariloche! que tal! hahaha i love it, it reminds me so much of san fran here... definitely no complaints (;

my first fast food experience..ehh i definitely miss chick fil a... haha but here is a glass bottle soda for my baby girl Merrill!! (aka Mary Jane Dowden! totally reminded me of you)

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