Monday, September 29, 2014


This week was great. We were in Centro a bit more than we had hoped again, but we still had a really successful week. We had a few really great lessons with Alan and Sabrina, our investigators, but unfortunately, they couldn´t come to church this week. It was a bummer. They are so awesome though, they read all the chapters we leave, they started the Book of Mormon from the beginning by themselves, AND they fasted this week without us asking them! It was so awesome to listen to their experience with that. 
Lets see.. I learned this week that not all little kids are easily entertained with pictures and stories. We tried to do a family night with a part member family, but their two little boys have so much energy and don´t really like to read stories or learn about how to pray. It was a great learning experience though, because I had to have a lot of patience and it was still really fun to practice how to pray with them and challenge them to pray together as a family every night. We had a tsunami in Pioneros this week, and it was really fun to go up there and help the Elders find people to teach, even though it was a downpour of snow. It was a homey feeling, which was great! I literally felt like I was in Sandy, the houses were beautiful, right next to the mountains and just dumping snow. so pretty!!!
Something I learned this week while studying in Preach My Gospel is about immediately testifying of a gospel principle when we are street contacting or door contacting. I really liked this idea because at least if these people don´t call us, or don´t want us to pass by, they will leave feeling good and hopefully feel the love and energy we have for this gospel. So I am working on immediately teaching and testifying when I meet someone new, so they know why we are here as missionaries. 
Also, I really love learning about faith, because we can always enhance our faith. I was reading in 3 Nephi 1, and it struck me when it says that Satan (v.22) was trying to deceive the people and tell them many lies about the signs they had SEEN. So I feel like people who just want signs or need to see something to actually believe in it, it´s just a lie also because even people who have seen Christ or seen signs still didn´t have faith. The thing about faith is that we just need to have it. we need to believe! I really loved that. 

Everything else is really great here! I love Bariloche (: I love being a missionary! 

Hermana Terry
Helado en Pday.................................................. 

Olga and my thing that I painted. but she wanted it, so I gave it other! (;

Hermana Davis de Texas!  She is leaving in 3 weeks, but she is awesome

My hair?  I dont know what happened, it rained a bunch and when I got home, it was SO curly. so thats a good time.. hahahahaha

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