Monday, September 8, 2014

First Transfer... Check!

Alrighty, it´s official, I have completed my first transfer in Bariloche, in Argentina, as a missionary in the field... 6 weeks! yay! haha it has gone by SO fast!! I can´t believe it, and throughout these 6 weeks, I have learned so much, so there will hopefully be a bunch of stuff in this guy this week. 
First of all, I´d like to send a shout out to my boo thang Elder Logan Wilson, who is going to have a HUMP DAAYYYY this week in Malaysia, by completing a full year of his mission (: 
I don´t even know where to start now....
Here are a list of things to do, that I have learned so far:
-Serve... everyone. everyone needs to feel loved
-If you have a calling, give it your all. The Lord is trusting you with it, and someone is counting on you to fulfill that calling. 
- Family Home Evening... do them every week. I wish we would have done them more growing up, but there is always room for improvement. and When you have them, invite someone else, who isn´t a member, or having a hard time with their testimony, or just someone you´ve been thinking about... they will appreciate it and it´s a really easy way to share the gospel in a laid back environment.
-The Book of Mormon should be read and studied everyday. You guys, it is the best book in the whole world. I love to read, all the books, but the Book of Mormon is my all time favorite. Start with a prayer, with a question or concern, pour your heart out to our Father in Heaven, and then read. Start at the beginning or start wherever you want, I PROMISE you will learn something amazing. Even if it is only 5 minutes, read it!!! 
-Work with the missionaries. It´s such a pain when the members are flaky, but there isn´t a better feeling to work with the members and have them feel the spirit of missionary work. We can´t work unless the members are working too.. so hop to it! They are counting on you! (: Also, if you have a kid on a mission, I am pretty sure it is just expected for you to serve the missionaries in your area...duhhh (:
-If someone is old, lonely, sad or all of the above, for heavens sake, go visit them!! Take them a treat, or an Ensign to read and just talk with them. Let them chat your ear for an hour, because they need it. Even if you don´t say anything, they will be so grateful to have a visit from someone who will just listen, and they will most likely cry, but it´s okay... just be loving. be like Jesus (:
.... Okay, there´s that. I LOVE being a missionary. I still have a really hard time waking up in the morning, I am not a morning person... I don´t thinkI ever will be. But, I am so grateful to get up and work everyday, because I am taught something new everyday, and I have a greater appreciation for all the things. Everyday has something amazing in it. We have a lot to learn!
Okay, also this week, we got to play the role of Sister Training Leaders for a minute.. haha we received a phone call at 130 AM on Tuesday from the presidents assistant to tell us that we would be receiving an hermana in about 10 minutes... it was nuts. I was so tired.. haha Then she worked with us for the day, and she was the sweetest girl! We have the best missionaries here in Neuquen (: Then, we did splits with a member so I could take her to the bus terminal and Hna Hendry could go teach lessons. It was crazy... 6 weeks in Argentina and I am already doing divisions and taking people to the bus terminal. haha It was a fun time. Luckily we have some killer RMs to work with  in our ward. 
I got bit by a dog through a fence!!! hahaah.. luckily I had my big puffy coat on, so it just felt like a i got hit, with some teeth... hahah but I have a battle wound on my jacket, it was hilarious. I was like AHHH!!! and freaking out, it scared me more than anything.. what a little trucho... hahah so there´s that.. I was so afraid to get bit by a dog here, and now it already happened.. all is well! 
then, we did divisions again with some of the most capa (stud) members in our ward, who are preparing for missions. Noelia and Jaqueline... ah, sisters. they are so killer. I love working with the members here. 

Anyways, that´s all folks! Just killin´ it here in Bariloche. What a beautiful place. I love Argentina (: 

Hermana Terry

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