Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Wow, this week has been craaazzyyy! We have been working in snow and rain storms all of the days this week!! what the heck, i thought it was spring here? hahaha yah no, argentina is pulling some jokes on us, some really cold jokes yo. But all well, we ain´t scurred!!! We baptized our chicito Ian, and another 25 y.o. named Santino who is super hyped on the gospel. nothing is  better than sharing the gospel.
BUT, LOGRAMOS EL ESTANDARTE! Honestly, it was a blessing, because we worked worked worked and by the end of the Sunday, we were still short 3 fechas. And we were pretty down because we had already worked so hard on everything else. The hand of God is always present! We ran into two younger boys and spoke with them and shared a short message, and invited them to be baptized. They were very excited and willing to let us teach more about the gospel and interested to learn more about baptism. Then, the same thing happened again only 3 minutes after! We ran into a man and his mother. The same thing happened, but the mom didn´t accept a fecha because she wants to learn more, but the both of them were more than willing to listen and have us teach more. What a blessing!!!! If I have learned anything so far in my mission, it´s that God is always willing to help us as long as we are willing to help ourselves first. He is always listening and ready to give us a  little push in the right direction. Hermana Llerena and I have been working really well together. The weather was really crappy this week, it snowed and snowed and snowed. For this, it was a bit harder to get up and have desires to work, but we knew that we needed to continue with a lot of faith. We have already seen our fruits. Also, a goal of the mission is to find more people who can be leaders and find more families. Hermana Llerena and I have been focusing on this a lot in our personal and companionship study. And what do you know? This week, we found 3 families, and our other investigators and recent converts have A LOT of potential to be future leaders in the church. Miracles exist and they happen every day! I am so blessed to be serving here in Argentina and learn more everyday. 
I really appreciate all of your emails and support. I keep you guys in my prayers, even though I don´t have much time to write, I am always motived by my loved ones at home. SERVE OTHERS!!! That is the challenge this week. (: serve with love, without looking for a reward, and without being asked. Do somthing for someone you don´t like. Why? because you´ll feel a bit more love for them. haha I promise, I do that everyday as a missionary and i can really feel the power of love and service. (: <3
Missionary work is the best, and each of you can do it everyday!
Hermana Terry

i saw hermana christensen this week!!! and we spoke in spanish.. haha hwhahaaat? I remember our good old days in provo UTTAHHHH. good times. love this chick.

This picture is literally perfect.. haha I love Ian, he is so much like my brothers. We play soccer in the house, and right now.. argentina is winning 7-3.. crap, i am working on it! hahah but he is a doof, love his guts and his whole family. I will die when I have to leave Bariloche. Familia Troncoso will always be in my heart. Hna Llerena and I, Maritza, Ian, Alan and Isis <3


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