Wednesday, November 5, 2014

the first week.

Fam Bam...!

All is well here in Alto 1, we are still moving along, seeing many miracles. 
It is fun to have a new companion, Hermana Llerena from Peru. She is great, and we are already working well together. I have learned a lot from her this week, especially about how to be a better teacher. We are having a good time. She reminds me of a mix of Kaitlyn Williams and Mikki Vargas.. so we get along pretty well (:
We had a very busy week this week! and the work just continues. We had the marriage of Alan and Sabrina on Wednesday, it was super great. Lots of people were there, and it was cool to see how marriages work here in Argentina. We were in this little room with all their family and this lady telling them some laws and they had to sign this giant book where a bunch of others had signed. It was crazy, I have some videos, those will be cool to watch in the future. We ate so much asado, i think i gained 3 pounds worth of meat.. sick. hahaha but that´s all we ate all day, so I think we´ll be fine.... I will send some more pictures later because a member has a Nikon and his cameras turned out really great.
Then, we had the baptism of Sabrina on Saturday, which was also amazing, because her husband Alan was able to baptize her. What a miracle! I can´t explain my joy that I have for them, and how good it felt to see them both dressed in white, glowing because the spirit is strong in their countenances. It made all the stresses and confusion worth it. It was a blessing that we didn´t have any serious trials or setbacks this week as she prepared for her baptism. The only thing that happened was that they forgot to bring towels... oops, our bad. haha but everything still worked out great, no worries there. When she showed up on Saturday AND Sunday in a skirt, my heart was like "HOLLLAAAA!" haha she is tiny, like Mary.. and just the cutest. Their goal is to attend the temple in one year, and I am trying to talk them into waiting until December so i can be there when I leave from my mission (: That would be the sickest, eh?? (:(:(:
Not only are we seeing many miracles with investigators, but we have many promising referrals, and a lot of people are becoming reactivated. Not just individuals, but families are coming together here in Alto 1. I am learning a lot about the power of spouses that work together in the gospel, and how much the gospel really blesses families to work together and have unity in their homes. There is honestly nothing in this world that works better for families than the gospel. Yah, there are still tons of trials, nobodys life is easy. BUT, when I see families that work together in the gospel, nothing can bring them down, and they are truly more unified. For this, I will never let my family fall away from the gospel, I will do everything in my power to have a family faithful in the gospel. That is something that I have learned more about this week, and will continue to learn about while i am here...

I love the mission. I love being a missionary. There is nothing harder or more fulfulling than being a  missionary and learning about these people here. I love to serve others. My natural man is very lazy and selfish, I will be the first to admit it. And in the past, that has won... (which is why my dad says that I don´t like to work very hard.. haha) BUT, my spirit and my heart love to serve others. I love to help others learn and understand more about the gospel and how special they are. I would do anything for these people. Argentina has my heart, i hope that all of you will get to know someone from argentina someday... because, well... it is the best here (:(:(:
Continue moving forward, trying to be like Jesus, because inasmuch as we keep the commandments, we will prosper in the land, and we won´t be cut off from the presence of the Lord.

Hermana Terry

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