Saturday, November 22, 2014

un poco mas tranquilo...‏

This week was a little bit more tranquilo in comparison to last week when we were trying to accomplish the standard... Not that we worked less, it´s just that we felt less pressure and stress. We are still seeing many fruits of our labors. 
One thing we are doing together as a district is a challenge/promise of 21 days of prayer and scripture reading for our investigators and people we want to start teaching. We started 11 days ago, and wow, we are already seeing blessings! The people whom we have on our list, a few of them have started progressing and a few of them we have actually made contact. It is amazing how much we receive from our Heavenly Father. I have a huge testimony of prayer, and I try everyday to make my prayers more meaningful and personal to create a better relationship with my Heavenly FAther. 
Hna Llerena and I get a long great, although it is very different to live with a Latina, who grew up with a different culture than me. It is fun to learn from her, and my spanish is so much better already. She is hyped on the work and has 13 months in the mission, so I am learning a bunch from her about how to be a better teacher and learn better spanish. It has been a fun 3 weeks so far, and I would love to stay here in Bariloche for one more transfer, but I know that our President doesn´t keep us in an area longer than 3 transfers... so I guess it is my time to go in about 3 weeks! 
I am learning so much. the mission is truly the university of Life. and we can´t learn these things in any other type of experience. 
Miracles happen everyday! This week at church, we had 3 investigators for all 3 hours of  meetings! Joana, who will be baptized on the 22nd, and Miguel and his son Jonatan, who is 8 and LOVED everything about church, especially singing. Kids are super awesome because they can feel the spirit a lot stronger and recognize the good things much easier. That is why Jesus invites us to come unto Him and be humbled as a little child. I am working on humbling myself more. Yesterday, a man asked me if I could see a difference in the way of living between here and where I live in the US. I didn´t say much, but the people here are definitely more humble and grateful for everything they have. I am learning a lot about this, and I have learned to appreciate a lot more about my life than I was expecting. Things like my home, the things you guys have provided for me as I have grown up, like a  good education and an emphasis to learn. My car, the technology that I had so easily at my finger tips... little things. But also big things, like I am more thankful for my body and the things it does for me. haha I am amazed everyday that I can walk miles and miles and not be ccompletely wrecked by the end of the day. (by the end of the week is a different story... haha P day is muuuuch needed, because my back hurts, yo! hahhh)

I love being a missionary and working here in Argentina. I learn too much to write... but the hand of our Heavenly Father is definitely present in our lives... if we let it be!! Challenge this week... Remember the goals you set at the new year?  yah, you better pull them out, wipe the dust off and get busy!! The year is ending, i can´t belive we are already in november!!! Try to do at least one of the goals you set for yourself this year. One of mine is read the book of mormon in spanish... it is hard, but guess what? the book is still TRUE!! No matter what language it is in (: i am just starting, so I have a lot to go, but I will definitely continue working on it (:

Also, sorry that I don´t have any pictures this week, because I forgot my thingy to plug in the computer. ooopps! 
Much love and blessings for all of you!!
Hermana Terry

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