Wednesday, May 20, 2015

weirdest week of my mission

this week has been very interesting and different, but I have enjoyed being with hermana Huaman and also hermana Hansen. We have been in divisions for a week due to some issues with a new missionary.... he he I have missed my area, but I have really enjoyed being in Centro, there is always someone to talk to and this week I have really learned and appreciated to recognize the holy ghost. We have to be super sensitive on who we need to talk to and who is even more prepared to receive a baptismal invitation. I want to share two experiences we had yesterday with finding people. We were walking along, and there wasn't anyone in the street, but a girl passed with her headphones while we were contacting a house. we almost turned away, but hermana hansen said lets go! and we went to go talk to her. she was SO sweet and her pareja also was super cool. they were very interested and accepted baptismal dates. it was so spiritual and cool. Then, we were in the last hour and we felt like we needed to go up to a street that was a little bit far, but we went anyways. we contacted a house and a young man came out. we were able to share the restoration with him in a shortened form and he was so excited about it. we invited him to be baptized and he replied "Obvio!!! haha it was so cool. We are always seeing so many miracles and people that are prepared. 

also this week, in chile, a volcano exploded and the wind brought the ash to neuquen. so we were inside for two days, trying not to die. and it was fun because hermana hansen and i just hung out in the chapel and looked up conference and hahah so crazy. 
and hermano hugo made some seriously freaking good ice cream this week that i could have eaten all by myself. so there's that. dulce de leche with bon o bon and walnuts. woowwww. riquisimo. and also here is a good photo from the river. the elders were trying to be subtle and photo bomb us.. but theyre just crazy. haha it is fine (: 
love you guys so much. thanks for all the support. the mission is seriously the best, i can't even handle how much i love it. i love being able to see a change in peoples eyes when they listen to our testimonies of the restoration of the gospel. challenge this week: PRAY to receive inspiration on who needs to hear about the restoration. FOLLOW the spirit and SHARE a  message with someone about the restoration. it is a magical experience (: so freaking awesome! 

Hermana Terry

so peeved about these dumb people that wouldn't move from the sign. they just chilled.. so elder lyman started to talk to them. thanks elder lyman. hahah nice photo right?

all of the ceniza in the air! it wasnt just an overcast day, straight up volcano ash. crazy right? no worries, we are all good and safe. haha just recovering from dusty lungs (;

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