Wednesday, May 20, 2015

busy busy!

this week has been full of fun and crazy things! I was finally back in my area to work after almost two weeks of intercambios, and felt totally lost. We started our REAL intercambios and they have been super great so far. First of all, I worked with Hermana Vasquez and learned a lot from her. It was a fun day because we were able to work together and really follow the spirit. She also showed me where some less actives and antiguo investigadores live, because she served in the same area about a year ago with my trainer! small world... Next, I worked with Hermana Packard and she is so sweet. It was also super fun working with here and seeing her example. She shared with me that her and her companion are working a lot on exact obedience and they are seeing a ton of miracles in their area. I definitely learned more from her than her from me. I have gotten really excited about being able to do intercambios because I am learning so much. it is such a blessing. 
I also did some reflecting on some of my weaker moments in my life and in my mission when I wasn't always trying to be really obedient. But I was just going along, trying to be a better person and being really relaxed. I have noticed that even if Im not seeing a TON of miracles, i just feel way better about my life. I feel so much better about my testimony and my progress. I have noticed that in my life before the mission, and during! So that has really motivated me to work harder and be better. 

We are seeing some pretty cool things in our area right now. We contact just about EVERY door and talking with EVERY person, searching for someone who really wants to progress and it has been pretty interesting. this week, we put 4 new fechas and now we are just trying to get in on the return appointments. It is hard to find people here who want to give us a minute of their time because they are all just so busy.. but i am not giving up because I know that these people will be ready!

this week, we met a couple who had only ever talked with the missionaries before, and they just opened their doors right up and we shared the atonement and the gospel of jesus christ with them, it was killer and they totally accepted a baptismal date! the only hard part here in neuquen is finding people again... city life, man. hah.. crazyy! 

but hey, life is good! we are just moving right along and trying to keep up on the work! I hope you all have a super fantastic week and do your home/visiting teaching... we never know who needs a little love and a visit! so get out there and do it! (:

can't wait to chit chat on sundaayyyy!

Hermana Terry

those last two pictures are from thursday.. we totally had a movie premier of "meet the mormons" here in neuquen in the theaters! free.. and in spanish. it was SO  cool. seriously, so fun! it was such a good movie! and after seeing it, we did some surveys and a few people straight up said, wow, i want to be part of this church and are now meeting with the missionaries!! perfect mmissionary movie. share it with someone for real.

also, elder arnaudin.. so capo.

AND. THIS. i could have fallen to the floor when i was just walking along the street, normal missionary life. out of the corner of my eyes I saw pull up bars and sweaty bodies doing burpees... i wanted to cry. CrossFit Pica... haha so awesome. I wish with all of my heart that I could go, but it does make me happy to know that it exists here in the 'Tina (:(:(:(:

best ice cream that ever happened. home made. thank you hermano hugo barros. 

also, just a fun lunchy-poo with all the misios (: 

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