Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Wellp, i am just going to let you guys know that, like all the other missionaries on earth, I had a great time chit chatting with the fam yesterdayyy! haha felt like I was right back in the 801... except for the fact that I wasn't. sooo.... (: Once again, happy mothers day maaaaam and I hope that I was entertaining enough for the next 7 months (;

What a week. the truth is, monday rolls around and I have such a hard time remembering what we have done in the week. But, here are some exitos that we saw this week... We have been contacting a fuul! We have like 10 to 15 new names and addresses almost every day, the hardest part is getting back to them, and following up. Well, the hard part about this area is actually finding people over again. I have noticed that people here are really busy or don't make time for religion. It has been interesting to see, but I am excited to keep meeting new people. We put three new baptismal dates. Which now makes a total of 3. Sadly, all of our other investigators aren't progressing. I have realized that it is way more important to have quality over quantity. I am trying to focus more on that, and following the spirit to decide if someone would really be committed and willing to make sacred covenants with God. Looks like we need to keep trying.. ha. The members are way more excited about helping in the missionary work, there must be something in the water because I have no idea what changed, but we are seeing changes and I am super excited to start involving more people in our lessons and activities. We have helped reactivate the Reyes family, and they are SO solid. It has been a pleasure workign with them and they are able to attend the temple dedication this week! Wahoo! A huge step of success right there, so that put a big smile on my face (: And we have also been able to find less actives through contacting, so that has been interesting to see how God puts in the right place at the right time. 
I have gained a big testimony of not giving up on someone, on being really consistent in someones life because I know that we as humans learn through repetition, and when we hear or do something many times, it begins to stick. So I am learning to keep working with all of the people that accept us or not, so that they know we love them and that they are important (: We had a cool experience with a lady in the street this week. she was like pretty angry with us, and told us that she didn't believe in God and said lots of bad words that I didn't fully understand, but it was pretty crazy. We offered to help her clean up her leaves and she told us no. (Side story, 10 minutes before contacting this lady, we talked to a different lady who wasn't really interested but was looking for someone to clean her house and what not, so we wrote down her datos and told her we would pass them on if someone was looking.) then she told us that she would believe in God if we could get her a job. Hermana Narvaez and I seriously looked at each other and laughed. we told the woman about the job literally around the corner. the sweeping lady got a little more fired up. okay, then she says, I'll believe in your God when he helps me clean up these leaves. Hermana Narvaez and I get closer to help pick up leaves, explaining that we are representatives of Jesus Christ, called to serve others. She got mad again.. but as we started to listen to the spirit, we were able to testify of the plan of salvation and the answers to our prayers we had received, and that she could also get rid of all the pain and hurt she felt for losing her loved ones. Her face started to change, and she began to listen instead of spit nasty words. We left her with plan of salvation pamphlet, hugged it out and left her with the spirit. It was a pretty magical, spiritual moment... i Love being a missionary for little moments like that (: 
hey kids, have a great week. its also my birthday on sunday, so mail is a recommended gift (; if you're feeling up to it. But thanks so so much for all the love that I have already received. CAPOS!!!
Hermana Terry

ust some real good blurry love from Hna Farrow and I

Marta, Martin and Flopi.. the best (:

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